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No matter what trade or type of builder, where you’re located in Australia or New Zealand, or what stage you’re at in your business life, if you have a desire to be as good at business as you are at your trade, BusinessSight  has the program for you

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As an expert in working with trades and builders to grow their businesses, Miles is the founder and mentor of the Trades & Builders Business Program. Bringing together 52 expert presenters (and growing) who work in the industry and provide detailed training on all aspects of building a strong and profitable business. The program is delivered live via video to your home or office, and you can choose from three levels, depending on your needs and current business challenges and vision.

The three levels of The Trades and Builders Business Program


You might be in the first few years of business or when you step back and look your business you get frustrated because you’re not where you would like to be. This is a great starting point. So what we’ll do is…


The premium level is for those that are ready to implement the right structure for their team and want to get more personalised support. So what we do is…


Things are different at this level, there is a different way of leading and what got to you to a 900K+ in revenue will not get you to the multi million dollars in revenue. So we will do is…

I found Business Sight through a radio ad I heard in 2009; I liked how they were specialising in helping trades and builders with the business side of things, I couldn’t see anyone else specializing in helping trades and builders back then, they were the only ones

Prior to starting the Business Sight Mentor workshop I was already driven to build a decent business, however I knew there was a heap I needed to learn. I learnt so many different aspects of business with the workshop from, money, business structure, time, sales, and most of all making things happen

I now lead a team of 26 electricians and three office employees and we’re looking for more team members, I have a young family and love the fact that I can spend with them. While it’s been ages since doing the workshop Miles keeps in contact with us now and then and we talk about my progress

What ever size business you have in the building industry, id suggest you chat with these guys, you wont find anyone else more committed and full on to support you

Justin Gomez

Late 2019 I attended a business workshop for trades and builders with Miles, i went into this workshop not knowing what to expect. I thought i was running my business well, i was earning money and landing jobs, i didn’t think there was much else to it. Once I started the course Miles opened my eyes to so much more that I could and should be doing to run a business properly. He gave me clarity in many areas. I highly recommend Miles and the business sight workshop for all trades and builders if you want to grow your business beyond what you can imagine

Scott Jackson TestimonialScott Jackson

My partner Ryan and I run our own plumbing business, to make sure we were setting everything up correctly we started looking for a mentor that specialises in working with Trades. We had seen some Trades that we knew that were growing and doing well and got in contact with the mentor that was helping them, Miles Primrose from BusinessSight

We decided to go ahead with the Trades and Builders Business Program that BusinessSight runs and instead of my partner Ryan attending, I decided to be the one to attend all the days.

The program is so in-depth, structured, I love how all the different business topics are broken down and there are a lot of amazing specialists, it’s taken all the hard work out of having to find the right people, we are now building a great business team, and a great network at the same time

We are now setting up the business the right way to have it structured for growth and over time make it less reliant on us

Ryan Grech TestimonialGiulia Molluso