The man behind the success of BusinessSight

After years of turning the financial fortunes of many major enterprises around, Miles first founded BusinessSight in 2003; and today, still personally runs every training course.

He is acutely aware of the fact that each trades business owner who attends his Mentoring Workshops has very individual problems to solve; and deserves the utmost respect for having the courage (and ambition) to confront and overcome them.

So to maximise the value clients get from the time and money they invest, Miles sees no sense in beating around the bush. He calls a ‘spade a spade’ ~ and focuses on telling you what you need to hear to help improve your situation; not just what you may want to hear.

But beneath his ‘tough love’ tell-it-how-it-is honesty is a human being with a heart.

He derives real pleasure from seeing trades people transform their businesses into more rewarding ventures; and he genuinely cares whether you wilt, flourish, live or die.

Miles is a professional ~ and a very good man to have on your side. Visit Miles’ website here:

Also a published author – you can get a copy of Miles’ 12 Steps to Building Your Business.

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