Break the Cycle for “Trades and Builders” 1 day workshop

Imagine spending a few hours with Miles and a couple of his coaches and we:                         
Create a better business structure for your Trades or Building business where you can be home in time for your Family
Show you how to get 400+ hours back into your life over the next 12 months
Provide you with what you need so you don’t get call backs
Show you what is missing to attract more of the RIGHT leads
Discover the financial structure that has put profit into our Trades and Builders Pockets  

Hi I’m Miles Primrose and I have been working with Trades and Builders for over 28 years, I started the Trades and Builders Mentoring Program over 18 years ago, a program that has helped hundreds of lives of Trades and Builders across Australia and New Zealand create a better structed, more profitable business through building a great team and a better systems
Can you imagine  how it will be when you have what you NEED to run your trades or building business more efficiently, you are able to be home on time, switch off and you are on track to being as good at business as you are at  your trade.

Does this sound familiar.

  • You feel like an octopus with one head and many hands not sure what to do first
  • You have several projects started and not many completed
  • You are busy, even though you might be busy with the wrong clients
  • You are frustrated with call backs
  • You either have no quotes or too many
  • You  consistently complain you don’t have time
  • You struggle with people issues on and off the tools
  • You are on the tools and come back to more work in the office
  • You don’t trust others to do things the way you want them
  • You want to create a better business however you feel stuck

Why Me?

28 years of working with Trades and Builders
I have commercial onsite project management experience starting from 1993
18 Years of Mentoring Trades and Builders
Mentored hundreds of Trades and Builders across Australia and New Zealand, many that are now running profitable and efficient 6,7 & 8 figure businesses   
Created the most compressive Mentoring Program for Trades and Builders across Australia and New Zealand with over 60 business specialists across every business and industry sector
Created The Trades and Builders Magazine
Created The Trade and Builders Business Program on Ticker TV 
Wrote the Book “12 Steps to Building Your Business”
Created the Online Business Builder for Trades and Builders, for business structure
Created The Trades and Builders Business Program, with 3 levels, one for business owners at start up through to a level for business owners turning over millions
I have been working with Trades and Builders for over 28 years and for the last 18 years I have been leading a team of over 60+ business specialists to help improve the lives of Trades and Builders across Australia and New Zealand

“ To say I am living the dream since completing the Trades and Builders Business program is an understatement , I am happy, spending time with my Family and my business has  increased by more than 420%”
Scott Jackson
ISJ Building
“ I looked for a Trades Business Coach in 2019, I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for Miles and his team, I’ve built my team, I’ve got my own office, Miles has got me on SBS, yes on TV. My team has grown by four more people on the tools, and I have a life”
Emmanuel Amor Al-Jinavo
Jinavo Plumbing and Drainage
“ In 2009 I completed the Trades and Builders Business Program, then it was me and my best mate, well we have gone from a team of two, to employing a team of twenty-six electricians plus three in the office. I’ve spent time working hard so I don’t have to work hard now. Getting support from someone that has being working with trades since 1993 was one plus, the other was getting access to his team”
Jesse Lovel
ANE Electrics

What People Are Saying About Us

What’s included 

You will get to spend an few hours with us and other Trades and Builders from across Australia and New Zealand to work on you and your business 
A day where you get to work with me personally where I share various strategies and business tools for your Trades and Building business
We will post out a manual to you for you to use on the day, the manual will have the templates and everything you need to follow on the day
We will set you up in our private Facebook Group and you will have access to all the videos and resources for the next 12 weeks following the live day
On the day:
1.    Discover why improving your mindset might not be the right solution
2.    Understand what the top 5% of Trades and Builders focus on
3.    What you need to put into place to avoid call backs and reduce staff training for any Trade or Builder
4.    What are the different weekly structures for Trades and Builders and which one is right for you
5.    Start creating a very clear big picture for your Trades or Building Business
6.    Be shown the steps to get 4 to 8 hours a week back in your life from next week
7.    Get shown the financial steps to profit for growth
8.    We will explain what 95% of other Trades and Builders are doing and why you need to make you don’t do this


At the end of the live day, we will provide you with:
A checklist on getting paid on time
A checklist on the 19 different areas of business structure
The first thee chapters of my book “The 12 Steps to Building Your Business”
Templates and tools for you to use for Recruitment
The Planner for your new weekly structure
A 12 min one on one withMiles to answer any questions you might have


If you missed something or want to simply repeat the day you are welcome to come back anytime in the next 12 weeks
You will have a membership to our private group for the next 12 weeks  


Who is this for ?

This is for Trades and Building business owners across Australia and New Zealand from a small to large operations

Will this Help me ?

If you could do with an improved structure,  yes
If you would benefit from getting an extra 8 hours a week,  yes
If you could see a better way of doing things, then yes
If you are keen to start to work on your plan
If you are ready to understand how to get to the next stage 

Refund Policy

We will refund you 100% of what you paid, so long as you post back the manuals to us before the date of the program 

How is this different ?

We only work with Trades and Builders
It is designed for the industry
It focuses on problems in the Trades and Building Sector

How can we communicate  ?

You are welcome to book a call with use Link
You are welcome to message Miles through messenger if you like 

Is this right for me ?

If you are a Trades or a builder that is keen to improve themselves or their operations, then HELL YES 

Who is this not for ?

People who are not Trades and Builders
People who Procrastinate
People that are happy with average

Benefits of the program

More Time
A better structure
Clearer direction
Discover how to spend less on training
Learn the steps for profit
And many, many more

When does this start and end ?

The program takes place on the date on the registration form and starts at 07:12am Melbourne Time, the day goes for around 6 hours

What’s the schedule of the day?

The day opens online around 7am Melbourne time and we start at 07:12am
We break about every 2 hours roughly
There will be an opportunity for you to ask question in the breaks if you wish

Can I talk with someone?

Sure, click on the link here or call 1300 187 233

How long does the Program take  ?

Around 6 to 7 hours

Payment Options ?

Payment is made securely through PayPal
The price is on the registration form and is the same price for AU & N.Z

Can I find this information online ?

Some of it I am sure you could if you spent hours searching
Some of it no
Can you get the support and mentoring if you search maybe?
Can you get it all together in one bundle, like the program we have created, probably not?

What mistakes people make ?

Putting things off
Thinking they have done it all before, yet they don’t have the results
A lot of Trades think they are making more money now they have less staff, and they are paying out less wages, when they are actually losing

What do I need for the day ?

Be in front on your computer, connected to the internet, that’s it

A Live Video Call

Saturday 11th December 09:12am to around 3:47pm
The event will be conducted Live via Zoom from us to your office

Are you ready to be as good at business as you are at your trade?

Secure your place in “The Trades and Builders Break the Cycle Workshop”

Full Name

Simply call 1300 187 233 and we’ll help you get started.