BusinessSight Mentor Workshop

The BusinessSight Mentor Workshop is renowned for being the most comprehensive trades and builders mentor course in Australia.

Miles Primrose is the first and longest running Trades and Building Business Mentor who has developed this extensive program.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide you with the direction and support you need to build the business you have dreamed of.  From working out your big picture, building the right structure so that the business is not as reliant on you, we will even work out what business profile you are personally, so you and your business flow a lot better every week. Imagine having a week where things just work, each week.

The workshop runs over 2-3 months, over 3 long weekends.  Class sizes are kept to a minimum of similar trades and builders.

Your Business Financial Model

Gain control of your money ongoing. You will build your own state of the art financial model, with this online system designed to help make your whole year run efficiently. You will be leaps and bounds in front of all other trades and builders when you use this and you will be in control of your people and your jobs.

​Sales and presentation skills

Some people are born sales people, some of have to learn the skills and everything that goes with it. We’ll take you through the entire process from start to finish and what is the best sales process for you and your personality. As well as this, you will get to connect with some of Australia’s foremost business advisors, as well as grow your business network within the industry. Plus you will have ongoing support in-between the workshop days.

Direction and Leadership

Here you will work on the big picture of your business and the best role you need to play in your business, in order for everything to flow better. You will get very clear on where you are going and why and ensure that you have the right structure for your business model

Don’t do marketing

​Be market driven instead. We have a team, which will work together with you on this so you leave with the right plan and tools for your business.

​A brand that inspires people

We’ll show you how to improve your brand and marketing, so in the end you can pick and choose who you work with. Everything from your logo, words, videos, photos, to people easily finding you on the web. You’ll walk out with a structured plan for your brand that you can allocate to your assistant, if need be.

​People, process and systems

We all need them. Over a couple of days we’ll take you through everything from how to hire the right people, what are the latest online systems for trades and builders that are making their life easier, to putting together your plan for your business. A plan that is easy to use, measureable and fun. This part of the workshop will show you how you can step up and out of your current role.

Meet Some of our Speakers

The BusinessSight Mentor Workshop has over 36 presenters from various industries, here are some which you will gain access to through the course.

Miles PrimroseBusinessSight Founder
Miles Primrose developed the first, longest running and most comprehensive Business and personal development workshop for Trades and Builders in Australia. Leveraging off his two decades of experience working with trades and builders will help you get results quicker with your business.

Miles’ mentorship and presentations will help you understand the direction and structure of business success, the strategy which will get you in the top 5% of trades and building businesses in Australia and BusinessSight’s business financial model.

Sam MarzanoAccountant
Sam’s experience in one of the best commercial accounting firms in Australia has lead him to represent some of the highest net worth individuals and businesses in this country. Through his advice, he will help you understand how you can manage your taxation from startup, through the growth phase and into a multi-million dollar business.

You will be shown essential information on tax and legal structures, asset protection, the best structure for you and concessions available.

Pauline Martin BrooksBack End Marketing
Pauline is one of the most sought after marketing automation experts in Australia, she’s worked with and built many businesses from the ground up for over 15 years – of which some are now have turnover in the millions.

Through Paulines presentation she will help you understand how to define your avatar, develop your sales funnel, create strategic partnerships, decide upon what is the best CRM for you and how to have your team designed around having an efficient clean back-end.

Noel JenkinSafety

Noel has worked in the safety and building industries for over 30 years. From project management, consulting and safety delivery, his breadth of experience will help you better understand how you can develop your people, processes and systems within your business from a safety perspective. Noel has been an advisor to WorkCover for Victoria, and managed multi-million dollar projects for large organisations.

Rob FreebodyCreative Copywriting
Having worked with some of the largest national and international brands, from WebJet, Lotus, The Wallabies and Nandos – Rob can help you better understand the power of copywriting and how to build better content for your brand.

Check out some of the awards that Rob has won.

Krys SuttonCloud Tools

Krys is a geek, but don’t hold that against him. His expertise in everything digital – from office apps, office systems and job management – he can help you bring your business into the 21st century with systems which will improve your business efficiency. Krys presentation will help you better understand how you can utilise electronic forms, mobile apps and specialised back-end systems which can slot into your existing processes.

​You will leave with

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