The Construction Board

The Construction Board is for the Businesses whose turnover is in the 7 to 8 figures, we meet around five times a year, We provide a different approach and a whole new set of strategies and way or leading the team where we understand you are now facing the team and not the client

To apply for this you need to have:

1. Completed the BusinessSight Mentor Workshop
2. You have completed a full portal plan
3. You can give back to others in the group
4. Your turnover will be more than $1M
5. You understand the value of partnership and have them as strategy

The purpose of the construction board is to provide advanced mentorship, advice and networking tailored specifically to businesses dealing with larger revenue, project and staff organisation structures. For a discussion on how the Construction Board might fit with your greater business goals, contact miles today on 1300 187 233 number or

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