On-Track Support Program

The On-Track Program was designed for participants that have completed the BusinessSight Mentor Workshop, with a purpose of keeping them “On-Track”

Imagine that you have completed the BusinessSight Mentor Workshop and you are buzzing and wanting to continue the journey and you ask “What is next, what can i do from here?”.

Well we know that everyone loves being in the room with other trades, builders and civil construction business owners and most of you are here for the same reasons: To improve direction, support, a better financial model, strategies for growth and of course to make your business less reliant on you.

Well when you go to the gym to achieve a certain goal, you don’t stop, you keep training and go to another level and that’s what happens when you are in the On-Track Program.

So how do you apply and what do you need to do or have the get approved for the On-Track Program, well first of all you need to of completed the BusinessSight Mentor Workshop, you also need to show that certain things have been completed from the previous workshop, we will also be looking for areas of improvements in the last 2 quarters both within yourself and within your business, one of the reasons that the On-Track participants do so well is because we have kept the group to a group of people that work together well, are accountable and get their plan done.

Our On-Track Program gives you access to the following

Google Rating

Exclusive Business Events

Get invites to exclusive events where other members have gained million dollar plus deals before

Business Strategies

We create personally tailored strategies for clients based on personality to get your business to the next level

Program Information

We keep you updated on the level of support you qualify for as well as important calendar dates