Miles Primrose’s mentorship has created outstanding results for the businesses within the programs. Through developing a clear strategy utilising systems, processes and people within their organisations, they’re able to take their businesses to the next level.

Some notable achievements with businesses within the mentorship program include:

Build a Team

Sam Eastoe – “Since starting with BusinessSight two years ago I have grown from a team of 1 to 6, I have my work life balance sorted and have learnt new processes to consistently improve my business. Would highly recommend Miles and the team.”


Justin Gomez – “I found BusinessSight through a radio ad I heard in 2009; I liked how they were specialising in helping trades and builders with the business side of things, I couldn’t see anyone else specializing in helping trades and builders back then, they were the only ones

Prior to starting the BusinessSight Mentor workshop I was already driven to build a decent business, however I knew there was a heap I needed to learn. I learnt so many different aspects of business with the workshop from, money, business structure, time, sales, and most of all making things happen

I now lead a team of 26 electricians and three office employees and we’re looking for more team members, I have a young family and love the fact that I can spend with them. While it’s been ages since doing the workshop Miles keeps in contact with us now and then and we talk about my progress

Whatever size business you have in the building industry, i’d suggest you chat with these guys, you wont find anyone else more committed and full on to support you.

Building Structure and Systems

Alex Caple – “As a young builder at the time I was looking for a Builders Business Coach and I connected with Miles Primrose at a Timber Event. I signed up for the Trades and Builders Business Workshop and I would say the main things I gained from it was gaining an understanding of all the different business aspects, and what to look for when I hire or get a business service. I took home a solid library of business tools to refer back. I had brief knowledge before doing the workshop on what to expect as a minimum standard when I get business services, and this was a massive help. Of course there was all the modules along the way, business is good and things are going from strength the strength now.

Mile’s and BusinessSight’s Key Achievements

Largest enterprise run directly by Miles

33.8mil in turnover with 360 staff

The First and Longest Running

Miles is the original creator of Australia’s first and most comprehensive workshop helping trades and builders grow their businesses

Number of Trades and Builders helped

Over 3612 and counting

The Guarantee

The BusinessSight mentor Workshop has a guarantee that shows you how to improve your bottom line by $100k profit * Conditions apply

Most successful challenge

Turning a business that had lost over $2M in losses

A Business Owner

With over 33 years running and building businesses, Miles is a mentor who knows what it’s like to build a business from the ground up

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