Trade Business Coaching

Trade Business Coaching
All Trade Business Owners
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Are ready to expand your business? Or are you so frustrated with taking1 step forward and 3 steps backward?

Our trade business coaching is currently helping dozens of trade business owners and has helped 100’s of past owners.

Are ready to scale?
Or are you growing and scaling and need to structure your business to protect yourself
from bankruptcy? Let’s face it trades and builders going bankrupt is a common
occurrence. We are proud to say I have prevented all our clients from financial disaster
and some of them were on the brink when we started working together.
Read all the testimonials, read the Google reviews.
You will not find anything as comprehensive as this course.
We have helped electricians,plumbers, pest controllers, property maintenance and dozens of other trades.

When you come onboard, we identify what needs to be fixed in your business straight away – eg cash flow or lack of sales.
You are taken by the hand to start working on what is urgent.
We do NOT make you watch video after video of content that is not immediately relevant to your business.
You will come back to the rest of the information when we have your major issue under control?
Liking the sound of how we operate?
Keep reading about what our trade coaching program covers and book a 12 minute call with Miles Primrose.

The Trades and Builders
Business Program

The Trades and Builders Business Program is the most comprehensive trades and builders mentor course in Australia.

As the market gets more and more competitive, it’s more important than ever to be as good at business as you are at your trade. The Trades & Builders Business Program has been going for nearly two decades and covers absolutely everything to build a successful business. It includes great online and offline support.

Don’t rely on a single business mentor to grow your business, the Trades and Builders Business Program is delivered live via video from 52 (and growing) industry experts who cover every aspect of what’s required to build a profitable scalable business.

There are three levels to choose from, depending on your budget, where you are in your business journey and your goals or challenges and how willing you are to fix them. Book a call to know more!


You might be in the first few years of business, you don’t have the foundations or base you need for a successful business. Or maybe when you step back and look at your business, you get frustrated because you’re not where you would like to be.

If you feel like an octopus with one head and many hands on different tasks, it’s time to set up a decent base.And you don’t want to go any further making the same mistakes you have seen others make

We’ve had participants from over ten years ago come back and re-sign for another year because they felt that the Trades and Builders business Program is that good

“It’s like it is on steroids and everything is so easy to find”

“ To say I am living the dream since completing the Trades and Builders Business program is an understatement , I am happy, spending time with my Family and my business has increased by more than 420%”
Scott Jackson
ISJ Building

Business fundamentals

It includes training across the seven critical business fundamentals:
1.Clearer Direction & Leadership (what people don’t ask about but it’s what they need
2.A better Business Structure (all businesses need it, but we look at 19 different areas
3.The Right Mindset for The Right Stage (the thinking that got you where you are will not get you where you want to go next
4.The right financial model (having a cash flow plan and seeing what is in or not in your ac is not enough.
5.Brand, Leads and Sales (making sure you end up with the right clients)
6.Business automation for on the tools and in the office
7.People, Find, Hire and Keep the right team
8.Make the Business to be less reliant on you
9.Scalable, more about this later 
Delivered to you by 52 Industry specialists in live training


The premium level is right for you if your earnings are limited because your business still relies on you more than others to keep the business flowing. You’re probably giving up weeknights and weekends and feel like the pressure keeps getting worse rather than better.

The premium level is for those that are ready to implement the right structure and team and want to get more personalised support. You know you need to build a team but you’re not sure what steps to take and need someone to give you direction.

Of course, you are going to get everything that is the base level, this level is about more structure and more support.

PREMIUM and APEX also get
10. People, Find Hire and Keep
11. Make the business less reliant on you
12. Create a scalable and saleable asset

“ I looked for a Trades Business Coach in 2019, I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for Miles and his team, I’ve built my team, I’ve got my own office, Miles has got me on SBS, yes on TV. My team has grown by four more people on the tools, and I have a life”
Emmanuel Amor Al-Jinavo
IJinavo Plumbing and Drainage


IThings are different at this level. What got you to $900K+ in revenue will not get you to a multi million dollar business. Leading a commercial team profitability is entirely different from you running a few guys and you being on the tools, however the rewards are exponential.

If you think about your operation when it runs well and your revenue is under $1m you are dealing with the clients, now we are getting you to turn with you back to the clients and focus on the team, yes it can be done with the right steps. Someone else needs to look after the clients while you lead and drive the business

That’s where the Apex level comes in. You receive more one on one time with the specialists and with the mentors, plus you get everything that is in Premium and Base programs.specialists in live training.

We have two different business models: one specifically for a trades business owner and one for builders.

We’ll create a road map and structure so your business can run without you, remove all the key person risk, and build a business model where you can scale, gain freedom and run a real 7 or 8 figure operation. We have two different business models: one specifically for a trades business owner and one for builders.

“ In 2009 I completed the Trades and Builders Business Program, then it was me and my best mate, well we have gone from a team of two, to employing a team of twenty-six electricians plus three in the office. I’ve spent time working hard so I don’t have to work hard now. Getting support from someone that has being working with trades since 1993 was one plus, the other was getting access to his team”
Jesse Lovel
ANE Electrics