So why are you in business?

I ask this question every time we run a workshop and the same answers tend to come up, I couldn’t work for anyone else or I wanted to earn good money.

I then ask how many of you at some stage have tried to find a great second in charge and have had no luck – most times every participant in the room puts up their hands. Think about this, you all want great people to come and work for you and wouldn’t it be great to have people who are in the top 5% of applicants to come work with you, well I doubt it will happen and here’s why:

Imagine that you put and advertisement online for a second in charge to come and work for you and so does another business owners who doesn’t know you however they operate from the same area and they have the same type of business and they have similar goals.

An applicant applies for the role and ends up with an interview with you and the other business owners have a job interview on the same day. He turns up to see you first and throughout the interview he ask you why are you in business and you say “I couldn’t work for anyone else and I want to make good money“. Later on that day he goes for his next interview with the other business owner and asks him the same question and he says “our purpose is to provide shelter for people in third world countries“, the applicant was inspired by this and wanted to know more. This ended up being a great fit as the business owner was in the top 5% and so was the applicant, you see how can you expect to people that are in the top 5% if you are not situated in the top 5% yourself.

At the end of this explanation I generally have someone in the room who is sitting with their arms folded, that asks me “well then, what’s your Purpose? and its a great question. I explain that our purpose is to revolutionise the way trades and builders do business globally.

I have been building my business and my business team for well over 16+ years and one of the reasons i attract such great people is because of our purpose and a lot of people on our team have now been with us for well over 12+ years, so you see our purpose is what we are changing in the construction industry over the long term. It’s our journey and in the future we can look back and see the positive impact we have made on the industry and that what sets us apart from any other coach or advisor and makes us the industry leader and make me Australia’s Trades and Building Business Mentor.

A lot of business owners get their purpose and their Mission mixed up and if you have not been clearly shown the difference by someone that specialises in that I can totally understand. A mission is a clear outcome for your client and you can’t make this up yourself – something beyond base line providing ‘good customer service’. We will work with you to work on your Mission statement which will set you apart from your competitors.

At BusinessSight Our Mission is for you to be as good at business as you are at your trade; thereby giving you the opportunity to see a bigger business future, as you can see this is a one on one outcome for you, being our client and it is measurable.