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In 1993 Miles Primrose started working with Trades on commercial construction sites across New Zealand, then in 2003 he created the most comprehensive mentoring program for the industry that has 52 industry mentors. The Trades and Builders Business Program Provides training for businesses across Australia and New Zealand of any size  

“ To say I am living the dream since completing the Trades and Builders Business program is an understatement , I am happy, spending time with my Family and my business has  increased by more than 420%”
Scott Jackson
ISJ Building
“ I looked for a Trades Business Coach in 2019, I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for Miles and his team, I’ve built my team, I’ve got my own office, Miles has got me on SBS, yes on TV. My team has grown by four more people on the tools, and I have a life”
Emmanuel Amor Al-Jinavo
Jinavo Plumbing and Drainage
“ In 2009 I completed the Trades and Builders Business Program, then it was me and my best mate, well we have gone from a team of two, to employing a team of twenty-six electricians plus three in the office. I’ve spent time working hard so I don’t have to work hard now. Getting support from someone that has being working with trades since 1993 was one plus, the other was getting access to his team”
Jesse Lovel
ANE Electrics

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