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In 1993 Miles Primrose started working with Trades on commercial
construction sites across New Zealand, then in 2003 he created the
most comprehensive mentoring program for the industry that has 52
industry mentors. The Trades and Builders Business Program Provides
training for businesses across Australia and New Zealand of any size

“ To say I am living the dream since completing the Trades and Builders Business program is an understatement , I am happy, spending time with my Family and my business has  increased by more than 420%”
Scott Jackson
ISJ Building
“ I looked for a Trades Business Coach in 2019, I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for Miles and his team, I’ve built my team, I’ve got my own office, Miles has got me on SBS, yes on TV. My team has grown by four more people on the tools, and I have a life”
Emmanuel Amor Al-Jinavo
Jinavo Plumbing and Drainage
“ In 2009 I completed the Trades and Builders Business Program, then it was me and my best mate, well we have gone from a team of two, to employing a team of twenty-six electricians plus three in the office. I’ve spent time working hard so I don’t have to work hard now. Getting support from someone that has being working with trades since 1993 was one plus, the other was getting access to his team”
Jesse Lovel
ANE Electrics

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    Andrew Smyth
    Andrew Smyth
    I fondly recall when I participated in the Business Sight program with Miles as I moved from tradesperson to management roles about 12 years ago. It was one of the best learning experiences I had to that point. Mike's ability to transform trade jargon and business language into a palatable bite still amazes me. This is an incredible program that I know many people, and more importantly their families are eternally grateful for. I can highly recommend this program to anyone serious about their family, business and wellbeing.
    Lilian Tompson
    Lilian Tompson
    There are not many business coaching courses that can be as beneficial for their users like this one. I became Miles' client a few years ago and it didn’t take long before he helped my business reach the level I desired. The coach was a highly skilled professional who knew exactly what type of guidance I needed. His live classes gave me valuable materials and helped me to expand my team and encourage my employees to become more engaged. It was a great learning experience that introduced me to a world of advanced trading. Through all of that, I have built up my confidence to make things happen, get the best out of any sale and attract new customers easily. I highly recommend this mentoring program.
    Miguel Raveche
    Miguel Raveche
    When your goal is to set up a decent, established business that is structured the right way, and you are a builder by trade, you are going to need help with the business side of things, that is why I started looking for a mentor that specialises in working with Trades and Builders. I searched and came across BusinessSight and was on-board pretty quickly, I am glad we got started before Christmas, myself and the other guys on the program were saying the other day, we don’t know how we were running a business prior with out all the resources, specialists and back end structure that’s been missing It’s the old cliché, I should have done this program years ago, it would have saved stress and provided me with a lot of direction. I am happy I am working alongside some other great Trades and builders we can talk about things. This program will help me with my goal to be one of the most respected, reliable and professional builders in the South East I am very happy I took action and started this, I am seeing the results within the first 2 months Miguel Raveche JDA Property Group
    Patrick Paczkowski
    Patrick Paczkowski
    I have been looking for a mentor to help me set up my business so it is structured the right way, It is important to me to set up my goals so I will achieve them one time. I want to get supported while I build my business plus and most importantly set up the right structure and documentation for the people side of things. Luckily for me I've been watching a mate of mine Steve grow his insulation business exponentially over the last 2 or 3 years, so I got Steve to connect me with Miles Primrose from BusinessSight. Its funny I am a quite skeptical person with a lot of things, all I can say is WOW, the Trades and Builders Business Program is so in-depth, the specialist presenters have very high standards Business is a journey and I’ve picked the right program to help me with mine As Miles says, "it's what you don’t know that you don’t know, that’s what I know now" Patrick
    Giulia Molluso
    Giulia Molluso
    My partner Ryan and I run our own plumbing business, to make sure we were setting everything up correctly we started looking for a mentor that specialises in working with Trades. We had seen some Trades that we knew that were growing and doing well and got in contact with the mentor that was helping them, Miles Primrose from BusinessSight We decided to go ahead with the Trades and Builders Business Program that BusinessSight runs and instead of my partner Ryan attending, I decided to be the one to attend all the days. The program is so in-depth, structured, I love how all the different business topics are broken down and there are a lot of amazing specialists, it's taken all the hard work out of having to find the right people, we are now building a great business team, and a great network at the same time We are now setting up the business the right way to have it structured for growth and over time make it less reliant on us
    Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson
    Late 2019 I attended a business workshop for trades and builders with Miles, I went into this workshop not knowing what to expect. I thought i was running my business well, i was earning money and landing jobs, i didn't think there was much else to it. Once I started the course Miles opened my eyes to so much more that I could and should be doing to run a business properly. He gave me clarity in many areas. I highly recommend Miles and the business sight workshop for all trades and builders if you want to grow your business beyond what you can imagine"
    Adam Sutherland
    Adam Sutherland
    I run a decent plastering business with a crew of 70+ guys I knew, for me to be A better Trades Business Owner I needed a gun mentor, someone that knows the Trades Industry, I bloody struck GOLD, I found out Miles Primrose from BusinessSight, they have been working solely with Trades & Builders since 2003 What’s changed for me since I’ve started? I’m getting more control of my business week by week I’m leading my team better I know have a team of business specialists from the programme, (there’s more than 36+), they are incredible Sitting in the room with other trades and builders is a plus I’m getting held accountable I get a short weekly phone call, he straight to point, time is money This is the best move I’ve made for my business Adam Sutherland All Melbourne Plaster
    Alana Joynes
    Alana Joynes
    The BusinessSight Program is fantastic. Having attended it myself, what stands out for me is the incredible value added. There would have to be close to 30 speakers who all speak on their specific area of expertise and that is what stood out for me because programs I have done in the past did not have an expert for each unique topic. Miles also has a world of experience and can therefore provide extra help along the way. If you are a Tradie or Builder and serious about growing your business, and would like both knowledge and specific guidance along the way, then I highly recommend Miles and the BusinessSight program
    Edits For y’all
    Edits For y’all
    I have a cake and cookie baking company and am passionate about the end result. I love seeing the smile on my customers faces when they receive their orders. you get to a point in business when you know you need a hand with the business side of things. The peroson I go to for mentoring is Miles Primrose. He is direct, calm and an expert in helping me grow my business. G Del baglivo Founder One sweet chick cookies and cakes
    Saint Hair
    Saint Hair
    I have know Miles Primrose for around four years now, he is a vital business associate to have, He has an abundant amount of knowledge, passion and drive for helping small business owners. As someone running a Hair Salon I have high standards, however I’m always open to new and better ways of running my business, Miles has great insight and advice on business needs and how to implement strategies on running a very successful business. If you are after someone that will tell you black and white what needs to happen, Miles Primrose is the person you need on your side!

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