Frequently Asked Questions

BusinessSight was set up purely to support Trades and Building business owners.
Our goal in 2003 was to create the most compressive business program for Trades and Builders across Australia and New Zealand and we have certainly surpassed that, with over 52 specialists and growing.

With over 28 years’ experience of working with Trades and Builders.
From project management on commercial construction sites to leading a team of over 60+ specialists and building the most compressive and Up To Date library of business resources in Australia and New Zealand. Miles Primrose along with his team , have created a formula and a series of systems for every section of your business, from improved direction, a better business model, leads, profit and building your team and a load more….

We might not be the right fit for you!
We don’t take on 100’s of businesses like the other places.
Our aim is to support the portion of Trades and Builders that are keen to be part of tight knit community, across Australia and New Zealand…More about this later.

It would take pages if we listed everything here!
We cover every aspect in business, we cover industry specific systems, and process, and we have information about new technology’s.
The thing that you will find is the support and information is more than, you will ever need and is consistently updated.

It doesn’t matter where you are located, so long as you have a laptop or some sort of computer and connected to the internet, that is all you need.
Every session is live, so no boring videos to watch

Every great performer, whether an elite athlete, entrepreneur or performing superstar is surrounded by coaches and advisors.
The increasing pace and competition in the world of business makes it difficult to keep up with the changes in the Trades & Building industry.
Some businesses use a Business Coach because it’s no longer a luxury, the ones that have goal to go that step further come to us.
Why – Because not only do we have the most extensive team of specialists in Australia and New Zealand.

We also have and are always updating the information library we have, there are really three choices, don’t do anything, use a coach or hop on board with the team lead by Miles Primrose who has been working with Trades and Builders since 1993.

No, there is a process we will take you through, depending on what level program you get onto.
We will work with you to develop a certain structure for a certain outcome, do not worry though, it will not take months to adjust.
While its different with everyone, we find that things improve quicker than most expect, and the participants become freer and happier and as a result of that they become great business owners.

That’s great, you have dipped your toe in the water!
This could be the opportunity for you get the extra tools, information you need to create what you don’t have now.
Remember it’s what you don’t know that you don’t know.
A client of ours that we worked with in 2010, completed the program with us and went on his way, he worked with other coaches over the past ten years, then in 2021 he came back to us.
He said “Phhfft, the amount and standard of the information and strategy’s you have is mind-blowing, I am glad I am back”
Peter Coll, Procool Roffing

You click here and book in a 12 min phone call, the objective is for us to find out about you, your business and what are keen to change.

If we are not a fit, we will see what we can do to direct you elsewhere, if we are, we will then book you in for a video call, this takes around 45 mins, this call is so we can explain how we can help you.

From here there is a one-page form to fill out and then we help you get started; we will explain out guarantees in more detail here. 

We Offer Comprehensive Coaching On all Parts Of Your Trade Business

This is just a small example of the type of information and the calibre of the 52+ industry experts we have in our trades and building program.

We have an article section and cover a lot more business tips and business advice here as well
This is one of our latest pieces on how to improve your tradie business