The Best Tradie Business Coach

So what makes the BEST Tradie Business Coach?

Let’s talk about how to find and then hiring the best business coach for you and your trades business and remember – There will always be reasons why you decide to work with a particular business coach so lets help you find the best one to help you achieve what you want and need.

You have a great trades or building business, and it’s going well – but you have a sneaking suspicion that you could do better. 

You know there’s someone out there who can help you grow your business.
Someone who has been a part of a business expanding and kicking goals in all areas.
They may have also seen a successful business fail because they could not scale or did not have a strong foundation in place.

Many construction businesses are like a house of cards.

Some of the typical reasons are listed below but there are always going to be other factors as well

  • One large late or non-payment can destroy a business – Never have all your money eggs in one basket.
  • Not being able to convert leads will lead to desperation and lead an owner to offer the cheapest pricing to win work.
  • Having the wrong team members will lead to substandard work being delivered, which will create massive headaches with time spent rectifying mistakes or, even worse, having to refund clients or being dragged through a hearing or court case.
  • Not having accurate quoting
  • No systems inplace

Hiring a tradie business coach can be the worst or the best experience ever.

Have you already paid a ton of money for coaches?
Have you been underwhelmed by what was actually delivered?

Dozens of our clients have been in your shoes – They have already done some business coaching and know that having a business coach is the best way to drive your business to the next level. Often they found that the coaches they hired started off on the right direction, but then the support started to wane and they were left floundering and being left behind and even ignored.
The other area out clients comment is that on paper a coaching course sounded comprehensive but when t was delivered it was lacking in depth and was very much a cookie cutter style of coaching where one method or tactic was given to everyone.

Business coaching is expensive, but it can be even more costly NOT to have a business coach if you do nothing extra to build better foundations and structures for your business.

Never hire the “cheapest” coach.

There is a reason why they are the cheapest and this is exactly what you also understand when it comes to running a successful trades business.
Being the cheapest often means there will be something lacking in the coaching – Either coaching experience or the amount of time and mentoring that you will specifically receive.

Having someone who is not emotionally invested in your trades business – will give you unbiased advice and show you smarter ways to streamline all facets of your business (your personal life will benefit too!)

Business coaching for trades

Tradespeople are usually good at what they do, which can lead to a tradesperson spending all their time working on the business rather than looking after the business. Therefore, business coaching for tradespeople is important for business growth and success.

If you are a tradesperson and are looking for business coaching to help you grow your business, ask yourself the following seven questions to determine if you are ready.

Do you spend more than 80% of your time working on your tools? 
If you are serious about growing your business, you need some time to work “on” the business. 

It would be best if you had time to develop your action plan and then work on the strategies to turn your goals into reality. You should spend at least 20% of your time working on your business.

Does your trade business rely on you? 
If your business depends on you to do all the work, you will never take a break or part with the tools without affecting your income. To keep it on track, you need to build a team and develop systems and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Do you feel like you are running out of time to get everything done?
No one enjoys working on quotes and invoices at night when you should be spending time with your family or doing activities that you enjoy. 
Working long hours affects your productivity and, even worse, it can affect your relationships. 
If you don’t have time to get everything done during regular business hours, you need to work on making yourself and your business more efficient. 

Do you have a business plan? 
You would never get into your car and only then decide where you want to go; you always decide on a destination before you get in. It is no different with your business. 
You should know what your goal is. Your business plan should include turnover and profitability targets and a clear idea of how you will achieve them.

Are you actually making decent money? 
Setting up your own business can be difficult, and many trades we meet are hardworking but not making the money they should. You might be proud that your business turns over hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars each year – But how much of this is actually going to you?

Are you making a profit and putting money aside for future business growth and setting you and your family up for early retirement, or building a legacy for your family?
There’s no point in working hard if you’re only earning an average wage. Running a business involves risks and challenges and should reward you accordingly for taking those risks. 

Do you have a great team that you trust and rely on? 
You can only build a successful trades business if you hire the right people. If you don’t feel that you can trust and rely on your team, you will find it difficult to delegate tasks confidently. You need to find and hire good tradespeople and other support team members such as accountants, bookkeepers and admin staff.

Are you satisfied? 
Your business is an integral part of your life, and it is important that you enjoy running your trade business. If you get up every morning dreading “going to work”, you need to change something. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Let’s explore what is out there for tradies and builders.

Business coaching for tradespeople is effective and will help you build more fun, more profitable business and relies less on your workweek. Our business coaching program for tradespeople can help you save time, improve business performance and increase sales.

Miles at BusinessSight has a highly successful business coaching program for builders who wish to grow their business with results being seen within a matter of weeks and setting sights on your longer term goals as well.

Many typical business coaches will work with any client.

If you want to take your business to the next level, work with a specifically geared coach at your industry!
When you are looking to work with a coach or a mentor, you should be the one interviewing them!
This person who you will be paying money to – needs to be an integral part of your team.
If they do not resonate with you – How will you you be able to work with them and trust them?
They will also be doing a similar process when you start speaking with them.
Top coaches know who their perfect clients are and they also know which clients will not be a great fit.
An experienced coach will turn down working with some clients if they know they will not be aligned.

If you are a Trades or Builder running a business – Work with a business coach that has hands-on experience with exactly what it is that happens within your industry.

Our growth, coaching and mentoring services are tailored exclusively to tradespeople.

With years of experience working with tradespeople on finance and operations, we can identify common problems and develop processes to solve them and strategies to scale and grow the business.

What can you expect from BusinessSight coaching?

We approach each business individually and create a strategic plan that considers your current situation.

Every business is at a different stage. 
Some are good to grow and hire staff immediately, while others need help organising the basics first.
We have three trades and building program levels and they are for businesses who are at different stages in their business.

The goal of our business coaching and mentoring programs is to help you address immediate
business and financial issues and then create a plan for achieving your ultimate business goals

(e.g. growth, profitability, exit from manufacturing or other goals).

Are you a trades business owner looking for expert guidance and unrivaled support?

It’s time to take the next step.
The next step is as easy as booking in your a 12 minute phone call.
This call will quickly get your questions answered to see if you are suitable for the BusinessSight Trades And Builders Coaching.
You can book a call here.

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