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5 Reasons Why A Tradie Should Hire A VA

If you ask a small business owner what their number one struggle is, you will most likely receive this answer:
Time. There is never enough time to complete all the tasks on that never-ending to-do list to keep the business running smoothly. And there is especially no time to even consider growth or expansion. So how do you address this issue and, in turn, ‘buy back’ your time as a small business?
The answer lies in hiring a System’s Strategist – Virtual Assistant.

Now we do get it…..A VA can seem daunting but watch this video about how just freeing up 9 hours of admin a week and what it will do for you as a business owner

What Sort Of VA’s Are there?

Firstly, let us take a quick look at what Virtual Assistants are and what they can do for you.
Simply put, a virtual assistant, or VA, is a self-employed owner (just like yourself) who specialises in administrative services.

Most VA’s niche in particular industries or specific task orientations. But unlike standard Receptionists or Assistants, VA’s usually operate from a remote location, separate from your place of business.

There are all types of VA’s available who have established their services around their strongest administrative skill.

Some of the tasks VA’s can do:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making phone calls
  • Managing emails
  • Social media
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Video editing
  • Content and copywriting
  • Virtual legal assistance

    Right through to implementing systems and processes and running the entire business.
    If you have a specific need in your business, you can be assured there is a VA out there somewhere who can fill that need for you.

So why should you hire a VA instead of a Receptionist or Assistant?

1. As Needed: Unlike an onsite receptionist or assistant, you can hire VA’s on a case by case basis or for a small number of hours per week. This ensures you have no staff ‘sitting on their hands’ waiting for something to do and that the time allocated to your VA is indeed productive.

2. Simple: Unlike employing staff, there are no taxes to withhold, no superannuation contributions to make, no holiday pay or sick pay.
All these elements are THEIR responsibility making it so much simpler for you to get the help you need, without additional work on your end.
This can simplify your worries, as you then have no need to be able to manage any ongoing office person. Delegating the repetitive tasks to an efficient VA will give you peace of mind when the task gets completed.

3. Lower Costs: It goes without saying that if you are hiring a VA works out A LOT better for your bottom dollar too!
You can set repetitive tasks and create automations around this for them to work through. You can engage them with a set task for a set number of days or hours per day. You may even wish to have them from as little as 10-15 hours per week to virtually have all your business running like a well oiled machine.

4. Productivity: Remember that VA’s are business owners themselves. So unlike (most) employees, they have the same business mentality as you and will always strive to be as productive as possible to retain you as a customer.

5. Value of Your Time: As the business owner, we often forget that our time is worth something in our business.
Think of it this way, let’s say for argument’s sake, you charge YOUR clients $110 per hour for your services, then that is how much it costs you in time when you spend an hour organising your social media for the week.
Is it worth that? Or would your time be better spent on growing the business instead?

We thought it would only be 5 reasons to hire a VA but a 6th reason also came up and we could not leave it out!

6. Adding Value from working within the Trades and Building sector: Securing a VA that has an established knowledge of some of the ongoing challenges that Trades and Builders face on the job is a bonus.
There is automation that can happen when time frames, rescheduling of jobs/tradies/services are called for a little quick thinking and asking the right questions to manage equipment shortages and deliveries to be coordinated.

All this in the right hands of your VA support person.
So, if you are one of those Trades and Builders who keeps falling victim to the ‘hustle’ and can never quite see the bottom of their To-Do List, then it is time to consider hiring a VA. Just remember, you are not paying someone to do it for you, you are buying back your own time. And what is that, really worth to you?

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