How The Right Team Is Key To Your Trades And Building Business Success

As a Trades and Builders Business Coach, I meet business owners in the trades and building industry every day, and a fairly typical question is ‘what’s the most important thing I need to do to have a successful business?’ 
The answer I give depends on how much I know about your business. The more I know, the more tailored my answer can be.

But if we’re starting from the beginning, and I don’t know anything about you or how your business is set up, my answer is always – you need the right team around you to be successful.

It starts with your team
If you are really committed to being successful, you need an amazing team. A team that includes people working for you,  and also supplying you with services or products to run your business. That includes your business mentor, who understands your business

So how do you choose the right team for you and your goals?

The Internal Team.

This core internal team includes you, the apprentice/s, the qualified, the project manager, sub-contractors, your office team, and the bookkeeper.
While there can be more, this is what makes up your main internal team. 

The External Team:

These are your team of specialists that you use as your advisors and supporters to help you build a high performing business.
From the strategic standpoint, your Trades Business Coach, or Builders’ Business Coach, is critical for setting the direction, keeping you accountable and helping you achieve overall success through your business.
Having a clear roadmap and the support to get there will fast track your success and give you back your freedom.
The rest of your specialist team will help you in the following areas:

Sales & Marketing 

Productivity Solutions

Productivity can be easier with Job Management Softwares such as AroFlo.
AroFlo can be pivotal in helping you grow your business and manage your team.
As your business grows, you need different systems and AroFlo is a great system that will work in conjunction with you and your business, enabling the business to be less reliant on you. 
No more last minute quoting, allocating people to jobs on the fly, forgetting important costing information and sending invoices manually.
Doing things that way leads to mistakes, lost business, and headaches for you and your clients.
Focus on your projects, getting new business and keeping your team happy, whilst the rest is automated through AroFlo. 

I Practice What I Preach

As a business mentor, I have worked with trades and builders business owners for 18 years.
I know how important a team is to achieving success. Rather than trying to do everything for my clients, my team of experts provide my clients with what they need to bring their vision to life.
Every aspect of a successful business and life is covered by either myself or one of my panel of specialists.

Over To You

If you’re not sure about your vision or what team you need around you to achieve it, it’s time to choose the right Trades & Builders Business Coach.
Look for one that can provide you with a team of specialists to cover all the important aspects of building a successful business that gives you back your freedom. 
Business Sight runs our Trades and Builders Business Program together with a team of over 50+ specialists.
The type of specialists include a Job Management experts so you can improve the productivity of your business and implement the systemisation of your operation, so you can focus on your clients and building your business.

Get in touch here to book a call with Miles.

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